Friday, 13 April 2018

Doric Official Visit 2018

Doric Lodge No. 455 in Little Current on Manitoulin Island had their official visit on Tuesday April 10th, 2018. The work of the evening had Bro. Cormack proving his Third.

DDGM speech

Brethren, thank you for you're attendance. My year is fast approaching to an end; it seems like there is so much work left to be done and in so little time. There is still a need to instruct our newest members and also to encourage them, in order to grow our Lodges, and in the end, Masonry in general. I've been talking about our new members all year and have seen changes, very positive ones, from our young members in Lodge, but there still is room for improvement. There is a need for some type of bridging between our oldest members and our new ones -- less criticism and more encouragement and guidance. If we encourage and guide them they will become as proficient in their work as the oldest members, but also remember to guide in the proper fashion.

Get the latest book of the work, and you will see slight variations in the rubrics and the work that has changed over the years. Certain parts of the ritual should be taught correctly to our young members and not in the way with learned it. Try to use the latest edition and get rid of your old ones. Also, let them participate in all aspects of the running of the Lodge. Let them have a say and give their opinion. A new idea may be brought forward that will beneficial to all. They are our future and will some day be in charge, so let's guide them accordingly. Give them work that will benefit them and will let them grow.

When I first became Worshipful Master, I had no idea how important the book of constitution was. I had to rush and read it during the summer months before my first meeting. Ask your young members to read portions of it now in order that they understand the running process in Lodge and duties of its members. Remember brethren we need to take care of our future.

Thank you.

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