Monday, 16 October 2017

Bethel Official Visit 2017

On Friday, October 13th, 2017, Bethel Lodge No. 699 had their Official Visit by R. W. Bro. Reg Daigle, District Deputy Grand Master. The work of the evening was an exemplification of a passing with W. Bro. Gord Allan Fraser as the candidate.


Brethren, as most of you are aware, most of my short lectures for the year are dedicated to our newest members. For this topic, I chose mentoring. Not everyone can mentor and some shouldn't. It also should not be left to one individual in your Lodge. Past masters, the master, wardens, and some master masons can be mentors and let us not forget the sponsors.

Now let's begin with lodge practises. Even if it consists of only the opening and closing, let's include the apprentices and fellowcrafts in it. They also need to practise: How to step and sign, exit the lodge, and even on how to address the worshipful master or respond. Give them assignments like a book to read and ask for a short report, about the subject, to be delivered the following month. If he is keen about masonry he will report to you in one way or another. No written report is required; a verbal one is okay.

Now, don't give him a 400 page novel. We're not trying to discourage him, but let's say a chapter or even a lecture. Have a master mason sit next to them to assist in lodge openings and closings and in exiting the lodge room.

At the beginning of this lecture, I said some master masons can become good mentors in due time. Let me explain myself. A few weeks ago a new master mason aproached me and pointed to a certain regalia that someone was wearing. He asked, "what is it?" I proceeded to inform him that it was a D.D.G.M. undress regalia. He was never been made aware of it and why or when it is worn. I believe his journey is still just beginning, and he has quite a way to go.

I myself, when I became a new master mason, attended a lodge of instruction in Capreol held by most worshipful Mumby. He asked some questions that I had no idea on how to answer and believe me I'm still learning and still require mentoring and guidance -- just ask my advisory committee.

I attended a lodge recently where a fellowcraft was present. The Lodge was initiating a new candidate and afterward I invited the fellowcraft to join me on the level with the new apprentice for a pin presentation this was the first time he had ever seen a district deputy. On approaching the east from where he was sitting in the south west he just beelined towards me without squaring the lodge -- not knowing any better. We can't correct him in lodge; it's to late. We need to prepare them properly. Perhaps he was nervous. I'm not sure, but he needs to attend practises along with the officers of the Lodge in order to learn the floor work and the proper procedures to observe in Lodge.

Thank you.

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