Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Sudbury Official Visit 2017

Monday, October 16th, 2017 was the night Sudbury Lodge No. 658 had their Official Visit by R. W. Bro. Reg Daigle, District Deputy Grand Master. The work of the evening was an initiation of Mr. Clayton Kennedy.


The particular topic that I chose for this evening is application for initiation. Why is it that we have so many applicants attend their initiation never to return again? They often say this isn't for me or it isn't what I expected. These comments I'm about to talk about are only my observations and doesn't reflect on anyone. I'm merely making suggestions.

To begin with, I don't believe we're properly interviewing candidates. Firstly, the sponsors should know the individual, and if not, should meet with him on a few occasions to discuss who we are and what we are about. What will be required of him for example and that some memory work will be required of him, but we also need to assure him that we will help. Find out what kind of man he is. His family, his beliefs, and even his extra curricular activities should be known. Remember, you may spend a lot of time with him in Lodge and after Lodge to assist and prepare him for advancement. We must remember that a great many of these applicant believe that masonry is like a GREAT SECRET SOCIETY with mysteries and intrigue -- cloak and dagger stuff from television and the Internet. We need to inform them that freemasonry is a constant learning and improvement of ourselves in life and actions.

Next, the committee, sent by the W. Master to examine the applicant, needs to question his religious belief more deeply. Nothing is worse than asking him before being admitted into the Lodge room the first question DO YOU BELIEVE IN A SUPREME BEING and his reply is, "well what do you mean by a supreme being. Like a God or E.T.?" We should also inform him that he may take his obligation on his book of beliefs. It will have more meaning for him than to take the obligation on our volume of the sacred law. It can be placed on the Altar during his obligation, but it must be closed afterwards. It can remain on the altar during the remainder of the meeting. All-in-all brethren, let's not rush to get the new applicant initiated; get to know him, and let's do our homework.

Also, let's not make this a competition amongst the brethren of who got the most applications. It's not a competition; we need good men to join our ranks in order to grow -- not just to increase our bank account or membership. If we have two hundred members and only fifteen who attend lodge, what good is that?


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